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2013 Annual Public Safety Awards that recognize the exemplary fire & rescue and police employees of the City of Sandy Springs. Hosted by the Rotary Club of Sandy Springs, recipients are chosen by their respective departments.

2013 Police Officer Supervisor of the Year Sergeant Ron Momon Sergeant Ron Momon's law enforcement career has spanned over 20 years during which time he has served with the City of Atlanta, Marta and the City of Sandy Springs Police Departments. He was one of the original 86 officers hired by Sandy Springs Police Dept. in 2006. He was instrumental in the hiring of many outstanding officers and served as the department's Internal Affairs Investigator. He is also a member of U.S. Air Force and Air Force National Guard. Sgt. Momon served as acting CID Commander for 3 months while the incumbent Commander was away for training. During this time, he successfully managed several complex and high profile investigations including a murder case that spanned several states. Sgt. Momon also oversaw the day-to-day operations of the 17-person detective division while maintaining his duties. He is a well-respected & level-headed supervisor who has the support of the detective division and the hostage negotiations team.

2013 Police Officer of the Year Detective Jeff Inman
Detective Jeff Inman has spent over 20 years dedicated to public service, including the U.S. Air Force from 1989 to 1993. He worked for the South Carolina Dept. of Corrections before joining the Fulton County Police Dept. where he was a Field Training Officer. He joined the SSPD in 2006 as one of the original 86 officers. Det. Inman volunteered to be a part time crime scene investigator and was transferred to the detective division as a full-time CSI. He teaches crime scene investigations at the Citizens’ Police Academy, as well as at local universities, and is certified at crime scene reconstruction. Det. Inman was responsible for the fingerprint identification of a suspect in a 2 million dollar methamphetamine case and made a significant burglary arrest of a career criminal when he responded to a suspicious person call while operating the "CSI Van." When his CSI partner was injured and disabled for an extensive time-period.
Det. Inman worked tirelessly to handle the workload of two, full time employee and a recognized leader in crime scene investigations.

2013 Police Dept. Civilian Employee of the Year Erica Adams Erica Adams earned a Business Degree at Georgia State Univ. and began a career in banking before entering law enforcement. She began with DeKalb County Police Dept. and joined the Sandy Springs Police Dept. in 2007. Erica is an exemplary employee and valued asset of the Sandy Springs Police Dept. She assists in various areas of Records Dept. where she shares her knowledge of numerous tasks and responsibilities. An outstanding clerk when it comes to processing Record Restrictions (formerly Expungements); she readily accepts assignments which she completes timely or ahead of schedule. Ms. Adams does an excellent job when it comes to multi-tasking with filing Jail Dockets, Cash Receipts System, RMS and Criminal History requests, front desk calls, and other duties that may call for her attention or assistance.
2013 Fire Officer of the Year Battalion Commander Daryl Smith Battalion Commander Daryl Smith has been a member of Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue since its inception in 2006. Prior to coming to Sandy Springs, Daryl worked with the City of East Point, retiring at the rank of Battalion Chief after 30 years of service. In Sandy Springs, Daryl has proven himself to be a valuable member of the department, striving to provide the highest levels of leadership and customer service. While in Sandy Springs, Daryl has been entrusted with evaluating new employees, managing his battalion, and teaching the departments Officer Development Program. Most recently Daryl was reassigned to fire headquarters to provide assistance and expertise to the senior staff and was very instrumental in developing and implementing the Automatic Aid Agreement between Sandy Springs and DeKalb Fire. Daryl also worked as project manager bringing multiple agencies and groups together for the cities first ever Freedom Festival & Fireworks show. Daryl's outstanding attitude, strong public safety background and willingness to be a leader have made him an invaluable member of Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue.

2013 Paramedic of the Year Paramedic Jeremy Green Paramedic Jeremy Greene has been a member of Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue since its inception in 2006 and in that time has proven to be a valuable member of the department. Jeremy has shown himself to be a strong and vocal advocate for the citizens of Sandy Springs, striving to provide the highest levels of patient care and customer service. As a member of the EMS training staff, Jeremy is entrusted with evaluating new employees, training new EMTs, providing high quality continuing education and reviewing EMS reports to ensure accuracy. Jeremy also acts as a tactical paramedic, providing medical support to the North Metro S.W.A.T. team in hazardous and rapidly evolving situations. Jeremy's outstanding attitude, strong patient-care skills and willingness to be a leader have made him an invaluable member of Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue.

2013 Firefighter of the Year Firefighter Reginald McClendon Firefighter Reginald “Reggie” McClendon has been a member of Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue since 2006 beginning his service to the City as a part-time employee and accepting a full-time position in 2009. Reggie began his fire service career in the City of Dublin Fire Department in 1993 about 20 years ago. Reggie is a very valuable resource to the fire department; he serves as driver operator on Quint I and mentor to younger firefighters. Away from the station, Reggie is involved with other divisions, assuming the role of Deputy Coordinator for the CERT Team and the Honor Guard. He also assists with teaching fire safety for the Fire Marshall Office. In his spare time Reggie handles all logistical needs of the department, organizing, ordering, and delivering equipment to field personnel. His wonderful attitude is truly an asset to the department.

2013 Fire Dept. Distinguished Service of the Year Recipient Melinda Carter Melinda Carter, a member of Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue since its inception, is the back-bone of Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue & dedicated to meet the needs of the organization, the City, & Sandy Springs’ citizens. As Executive Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief, Melinda works tirelessly to support the firefighters at the administrative level, to coordinate & schedule community requests like station birthday parties, car seat checks, public safety events & more. Melinda’s great attitude, strong personal skills and willingness to take on any task has made her an invaluable member of Sandy Springs Fire & Rescue.

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